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Professor Lokesh Joshi

Stokes Professor of Glycosciences

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Professor Lokesh Joshi, is Stokes Professor of Glycosciences at NUI Galway. His research group is developing technologies for high-throughput (HTP) biomimic discovery and microarray based glycomics studies towards understanding chronic and infectious diseases. In 2009, Lokesh Joshi led SFI funded Strategic Research Cluster, Advanced Glycoscience Research Cluster with the objective of understanding the role of glycosylation in host-microbial interactions in the gut including the analysis of gene expression data during infection process. In 2010, he coordinated a EU-FP7 consortium (GlycoHIT), composed of partners from 10 countries (including USA, China, Japan and Israel), to develop the next generation of glycobiology tools for the diagnosis of cancer glycobiomarkers using various Omics technologies. Lokesh is currently co-PI on SFI funded Research Centre on medical devices ‘CURAM’, a PI in the H2020 JPI-HDHL ‘SALIVAGES awarded in 2017 €1.6 million, and a PI in the H2020 ‘GEMMA’ -Genome, Environment, Microbiome, and Metabolome in Autism, which was recently awarded €14.2 million from Horizon 2020 (2019-2024). Prof Joshi has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals, over 80 research articles and 7 book chapters to date. His H-Index is 32 and i-10 Index is 70.

Further information click here. Researchgate link click here. 

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