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World Animal Day

In honour of World Animal Day, we would like to celebrate Autism Assistance dogs.

Autism assistance dogs are an anchor of safety for children when they find the world overwhelming. These special animals can have an amazing impact on the lives of autistic children.

An autism assistance dog is a service dog trained to assist an autistic person to help gain independence skills and the ability to engage in daily activities. These highly skilled dogs are more than pets. They are trained to keep their child companion safe.

Benefits of Autism Assistance Dogs:

  • Preventing the child from running into danger when they are out and about.

  • Reducing anxiety both for the child and the family as a whole

  • Supporting the child in learning coping mechanisms that last a lifetime

  • Improving communication skills

  • Increasing confidence

  • Easing sleeping problems

Every family’s story is different.

Every autistic child is different.

Every Autism Assistance Dog changes the world for a child with autism.

All autistic children and their families are assessed for suitability and given special training to ensure that the partnership with an autism assistance dog is a success and has a positive lasting impact on everyone.

Organizations that provide this service are:

To read more about the benefits of Autism assistance dogs check out this research article here.

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